Many hamburger menus use Javascript to implement their functionality. Here's an implementation in HTML and CSS only - No JavaScript, promise!

What is ndJSON?

ndJSOn is a variation on JSON. Instead of a single monolithic object, an ndJSON file contains multiple valid JSON objects, delimited by newlines, hence newline-delimited JSON.

Inevitably, some activities on a compter take a while. It's helpful to display something to give the user some assurance that things are happening while they wait. Here's a simple spinner created with two <div> elements and some CSS.

PHP is rigorous when reporting errors. It can report the exact file and line number that generated an error, and give you an informative message telling you what went wrong. This rigour doesn't always extend to its relationship with MySQL. This article aims to help you deal with that.

White screen of death

White screen of death

One of the most frequent issues affecting new developers in PHP is the white screen of death (WSOD).
It looks a lot like this. -->

It's caused by a problem in the PHP program causing the program to fail without emitting any output, not even an error message.

Fortunately, PHP is very good about recording errors, and they can be found in the server error log. This makes for a frustrating experience as one switches between the WSOD, the code, and the server error log trying to identify and fix the problem. What's needed at this stage of development is an immediate display of the problem, on the screen, when it occurs.