Surprisingly, today's accepted algorithm for shuffling a list was arrived at by Ronald Fraser and Frank Yates in 1938. Their version used paper and pencil, but it has since been updated for computers and popularised by Donald Knuth. Here's how to shuffle things properly.

Modern browsers include sophisticated media handling capabilities for audio and video media. This article aims to show you how to use the MediaRecorder to record short audio clips, and includes a simple audio recorder with playback.

The standard browser method for uploading files is an <input> tag with type="file". A friendlier method is to allow the user to drag files onto the page from their desktop. Here's how.

This week I finally lost patience with the mental gymnastics required to unpack the $_FILES array that PHP provides when uploading files with POST. I knocked up this quick function to reorganise the data into something I could work with.

It's easy enough to create a prepared statement where one has a number of discrete pieces of information. It's not always obvious how one might do this with an array posted from an HTML form. This article will show you how to do it safely.